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Stephanie Hedges BSc (Hons) CCAB

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Nature or Nurture? Science or Experience? (4th April 2014)

People have been debating whether behaviour is controlled by ‘nature’ or ‘nurture’ since we first learnt how physical things like hair colour and height are inherited.  Some used to argue that we are all born as a physical ‘blank slate’ and that personality and behaviour result solely from experience.  Others believed that personality is genetically programmed in the same way as physical traits are and that learning can do little to change this.  Over the years research has shown that we are in fact controlled by a combination of both.  Most recently remarkable advances in our understanding of genetics has shown that our experiences and the environment can actually switch genes on and off, further confirming the link between nature and nurture. (more…)

Should you reassure or ignore your fearful dog? (6th September 2013)

It is often suggested we should ignore our dogs when they are reacting in a fearful way to something, in case we ‘reward’ the fear and so encourage the dog to react the same way next time.  Is it really as simple as that? (more…)

Do dogs feel guilt? (6th September 2012)

It is common for a dog to lower his head, tuck his tail and sneak away if caught doing something his owner feels he shouldn’t.  He may even do so if simply found at the scene of an earlier ‘crime’.  People often read this a sign the dog feels guilty for what he has done.  But guilt is a complex emotion.  Do dogs feel it?  (more…)

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6th September 2012: Do dogs feel guilt?
4th April 2014: Nature or Nurture? Science or Experience?
6th September 2013: Should you reassure or ignore your fearful dog?

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