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APBC accredited dog and puppy behaviour and training specialist (behaviourist) covering Northampton, Daventry, Towcester, Rugby and Leamington Spa

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Stephanie Hedges BSc (Hons) CCAB

Canine Behaviour Counsellor


Stephanie is able to combine her knowledge and skills as a Canine Behaviour Counsellor with her current and past roles as a Registered Veterinary Nurse, further and higher education lecturer, author of numerous training manuals and a PR officer. This enables her to provide a range of behavioural services including development of training materials, tailored seminars, workshops and CPD sessions and as a consultant to those requiring canine behavioural advice in a professional setting.

Stephanie is only able to see clients on veterinary referral and is currently only taking new clients from her established referring veterinary practices. If you are unsure whether your practice is included please feel free to get in touch via the enquiry form here.

Veterinary professionals

Stephanie offers a reliable and professional behavioural service for your clients. You can arrange referral of a dog under you care by either downloading and completing a referral form which found here, or by giving Stephanie's contact details to your client for them to contact her first for an initial informal chat. If they then decide to book she will forward a referral form to you for completion. Stephanie can also offer in house behavioural CPD, branded client fact sheets and advice on making your practice more behaviourally aware.For further information please complete the enquiry form here.


If you would like receive either a printed copy or a personal e mail copy of Stephanie's Veterinary Practice Newsletter, please contact me via the enquiry form here. Past copies of the newsletter are available below.

Veterinary Practice Newsletter June 2011

Veterinary Practice Newsletter October 2011

Veterinary Practice Newsletter January 2012

Trainers and other canine professionals

There is a close bond between providers of dog training classes and behavioural modification services. Each fulfils a related but different niche in the owner's need for guidance in managing their pet. Where the two services meet is blurred and many individuals provide services in both fields. As Stephanie does not currently offer training classes she is always looking to develop links with trainers offering quality classes using kind and effective methods. She may also be able to offer a service to club clients whose dogs do not suit the class setting or whose problems you may prefer to refer on. She also offers talks, information sheets and behavioural advice to trainers and club members and professionals from other areas of the canine industry.


Example case - Rufus

My own dog Rufus (pictured right) needed some behavioural therapy recently. A few months ago we lost his long term companion, Amber (pictured above). Amber was the reason I entered the behavioural world and over the years she taught me more about dog behaviour than any book ever could. Now it was to become Rufus' turn to need treatment. Although he accepted the loss of Amber quite well whilst I was at home, when I had to leave him he started to get distressed. He would follow me around at the first sign I was about to go and started to howl once I had left the house. His howling would go on for quite some time before he finally settled to rest. I started by allowing him some time to come to terms with the fact that Amber wasn't coming back, during which he was left alone as little as possible. I then started a programme to gradually help him get used to being on his own. Through use of a webcam I was able to observe his behaviour when I wasn't there and tailor the programme to his specific needs. He stopped howling quite quickly, but the real breakthrough came when he started to lay down and go to sleep. Only then could I rest easy that he was OK when I had to go out and leave him alone.


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